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Superior Quality Cabinets Capable of Doing So Much More…

Designed and manufactured by Nelson Industrial Incorporated, Canada’s leading precision metal fabricator since 1973, NEOS is a marvel whose time has come. Originally intended for the service area at discerning automotive dealerships, NEOS has emerged as the high water mark for Technician Bench Systems. Fueled by the industry need for truly productive work centres – areas that actually considered and incorporated the functional requirements of the service area and those of the individual technician, NEOS projects the image desired by progressive dealerships today.

Serving the automotive market so successful has resulted in an unforeseen demand for the NEOS system by the residential market. Once the exclusive domain of professional car dealerships, these garage transformations are now available to homeowners. The NEOS Chameleon artfully combines the fundamental characteristics preferred by automotive professionals with those features a homeowner is interested in incorporating – the integration of an LCD flat screen, a bar fridge and a sink just to name a few.

NEOS is a remarkably adaptable and customizable system that can be configured to suit any environment. This refreshing product is always evolving so expect new features and accessories to be added – modifications and upgrades inspired by you, our cherished clientele.