Setting the Stage for the Life You’ll Love

Before the actual design phase gets underway, carefully consider the space where you’ll NEOS system will be installed. Be sure to peruse the NEOS cabinets and NEOS accessories to get a feel for the components you’d like in your system – the very choices that will help create the type of environment you’re hoping for.

Below you’ll find some line drawing that will get you started. Here are just a few possible system configurations to help you envision what your system could look like, given your different choices and scenarios.





What Now?

We’ve provided you with a simple NEOS Chameleon form that will help detail the information we’ll need to get started on a design. 

Interested in speaking with someone to discuss your NEOS? Simply contact Dave Thomson directly at 905.451.7210.

NEOS invites your individual preferences into the design process. That way you’ll be sure to achieve the look and functionality you originally set out to accomplish.