Blue PalleteColour plays an important role in our world. We believe that with the careful use of colour you can take any room and transform it into a space with depth, feeling, power and style. When planning your NEOS Chameleon, take the time to explore the colours that really reflect you and your particular interests and tastes. Maybe you’re a sports fan interested in incorporating the colours of your favourite team, or a car enthusiast who’d like to complement your beloved ride? Or, maybe you’d like the NEOS Chameleon to mirror your home’s colours? The choice is yours.

Our Colour Options Delight & Inspire

We offer a wonderful variety of colour options and ideas for you to consider, with a few of them shown below to inspire you. Because it’s a NEOS, you have the comfort of knowing a customized colour is of course available.

Next Steps?

Here are but a few examples to show where the colours can break. Check out the simple form on our ‘Designing Your NEOS’ page – it’s a super simple way to itemize the info we’ll need to create a design for you.

NHL Color Pallete

NHL Color Palette

Euro Race Color Pallete

Euro Race Color Palette

Designer Color Pallete

Designer Color Palette

We’re Here For You

If at any time you’d like to speak with us, please contact Dave Thomson directly at 905.451.7210.